Last week, I read the Ghost Talk paper, and learned a lot conceptually about RF waves and modulation. This week, what I learned was mainly technical. In fact, lots of it was fiddling around with GNU Radio Companion and the USRP and troubleshooting the problems that arose. Like figuring out why the USRP wasn't detected as a device despite being connected. Or learning that there are certain limitations for the USRP and adapting the GRC flowcharts to match those constraints. Or, perhaps the most...enlightening experience: figuring out that the transmitter board connected to the USRP did not support the frequency of the antenna.

(The frequency of the board supports up to 30MHz, while the antenna and the frequency attempted to be transmitted is over 400MHz)

Still, every problem that arises is only a learning experience. Through debugging, I learned more about how the equipment works and interacts with the computer. And mistakes like the one of the wrong board is a memorable oversight that I'm not likely to repeat in the future!


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