This week, I took a bit of a break from research to attend a competition in Daytona Beach, Florida for autonomous boats, RoboBoat. The best part about the trip for me wasn't hanging out with team, travelling to a new location, or eating good food. While those aspects of the trip were pretty great, the best part was how much I, along with the team, learned. Although things were a bit rough for the week following a mishap on the first day of testing, through the debugging process I learned a lot about the boat - both technical knowledge, and things regarding team organization. As a team we also managed to show off our technical knowledge in our presentation of our boat during static judging, which awarded us second place of all the teams competing. All in all, it's been a good time so far, and I'm excited for the upcoming school year for when we start all over again and eventually compete next summer. Hopefully, things go well tomorrow, the last day of competition!
Shown above: UM::Autonomy's boat, Flying Sloth, in the pond, ready to attempt the challenges.


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