Paper Writing

This week marks the end of the Startup Projects. To finish them up, we've written papers about the experiments we've done. What was cool about writing the paper is that that marked the first time I used Latex. Despite my lack of knowledge, however, I just dove right in and started writing. While it did require quite a bit of referencing documentation, ultimately I found it an easier method of formatting the paper in order to present it in a clear, consistent, and official manner. It even allowed me to easily import MATLAB plots into the paper.
In addition to a new tool with which to write with the minimal amount of mouse input possible, the paper writing itself was a wonderful way to go back and reflect on my methods of research. For example, data collection. Recreating the attack was a fairly simple to repeat, but in retrospect I could have collected data in a smarter way, by using a wider range for the variable I did vary, and by taking multiple readings for each value of the variable to get better data. However, these are things that I will be keeping in mind for research I partake in in the future.


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